Nicole Susdorf - President

Nicole has been active with YES Project since 2008 and became a board member in 2011. She is deeply passionate about YES Project and enjoys working closely with the homeowners and considers YES to be the highlight of her summer. 


Ryan Hehr - Vice President

Ryan was an adult leader in 2014 and quickly became a board member in 2015. His favorite part about the YES Project is the growth he sees in students in such a short amount of time. 


Dan Rivas - Treasurer 

Dan has been active with YES Project since 2010. He loves working with students and meeting new people. He encourages students who are considering participating in the YES Project to be open to the experience

Laura Genalo - Secretary 

Laura first became involved in YES Project as a high school student. She co-directed the project in 2013, when she first joined the board. Her favorite part of YES is all the people she meets.  


 Toni Marsteller

Toni co-directed YES Project in 2013 and became a board member the same year. Her favorite part is helping members of our local community in a faith-filled environment.


Tony Wagener

Tony has been involved in the YES Project since 2007 and enjoys seeing the growth in the students and their commitment to service. 


Kurt Susdorf

Kurt has been active with YES since 2006 and has been a board member since 2010. He encourages students to keep an open mind and a positive attitude. His motto is: Don't anticipate, participate!


John Faehnle

John has been an active parent with YES Project since 2008 and there isn't much he hasn't done for the project. He became a board member in 2016.